Technology at PrognosDx Health-Babak Alizadeh-03/04/2014 - 8:30am

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Technology at PrognosDx Health
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03/04/2014 - 8:30am
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Sunnyvale City Council Chambers, 456 West Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA
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Babak Alizadeh
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COO, Executive Vice President
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PrognosDx Health Inc.
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Babak Alizadeh
Babak Alizadeh is a business development and operations executive with 16 years of broad industry experience that spans therapeutics, diagnostics and drug development tools. He has worked in some of biotech's most exciting areas, including epigenetics, genomic HTS sequencing, stem / rare cells, ribozymes / RNAi, personalized genomics and biomarker discovery. On this path he built one of the strongest networks of key opinion leaders / KOLs including Nobel Prize and National Medal Laureates and eminent experts in clinical, academic, industry, government and non -profit settings.

Specialties: Key opinion leader networking, SAB/BoD building, business plan writing, clinical study formation, medical science liaison, technology scouting, strategic planning, alliance management, joint ventures, market validation analysis and business development.

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A revolution in epigenetics is forming with histone biomarkers as key drivers of clinical outcome in multiple major cancers. For many years histone proteins were solely recognized as spools around which cellular DNA wraps and studies conferring function from chemical modifications that occur on histones were focused on gene promoter regions.

While examining histone modifications across entire genomic DNA (predominantly non-genic regions referred to as “global modifications”), PrognosDx’s scientific founders for the first time revealed that acetylation and methylations occurring at specific amino acids on core histones, act as prognostic markers across multiple cancers and are predictive of response to 5-Fu chemotherapy. This work was published in Nature, JCO and featured on the cover of the American Journal of Pathology. Today, more than 24 publications from around the world have confirmed global histone biomarkers as prognostic in more than 14 cancers and drug response predictive for several other important oncology drugs.

This talk will provide a brief overview of the field of epigenetics and focus on the utility of global histone modifications for effective clinical decision making in oncology. A brief overview of the metabolic mechanisms governing histone modifications as drivers of cellular autonomy and aggressive disease behavior, controlling genomic instability, androgen/estrogen receptor activation, and folate pathway metabolites will be presented. Concluding comments will review new evidence from PrognosDx’s scientific founders published in Molecular Cell, hailed as “major finding” by the American Association for Cancer Research revealing tumor pH as a major driver of histone acetylation and its implications for diagnostic and therapeutic development.