SF AWIS Monthly Journal Club-2017-08-08

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SF AWIS Monthly Journal Club
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08/08/2017 - 6:30pm
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V16 Sushi, 3092 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
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AWIS SF, Tuesday Evening, August 8, 2017

Event: Monthly Journal Clug
Date and Time: Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, 6:30 - 8pm
Location: V16 Sushi, 3092 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Cost: No cost

Each month a volunteer scientist selects a recent, peer reviewed article that is considered highly important in their field. In the meeting the presenter gives
• A brief overview with relevant background information about the field and why this paper/study is relevant (i.e. what paradigms it is shifting, what policies it impacts)
• A summary of the methods and information in the paper in non-expert terms
Following the overview and summary, we have an open discussion can include:
• Clarifying questions about the science in the paper and its conclusions
• Critiques about the science or ideas for follow-up experiments for deeper insight
• Social/political/scientific implications of the conclusions published
Topics range across biotechnology, materials science, science-based public health, clinical regulations, ecology and evolutionary biology. Anything is fair game. Prior to each meeting, an article is provided to read for those who like to come with set opinions/questions. However, this is NOT required. Feel free to just show up and get a crash course in the subject :)
This month's article:

Neuroimage: Modeling and interpreting mesoscale network dynamics
The NIH effort to map the human brain has been compared to the effort to map and decode the human genome. Indeed, in the past 4 years an overwhelming amount of data has been generated with the promise to reveal how specific pathways in the brain determine our behaviors and cognitive/emotional traits. However, just data is not enough and novel computational tools have to be developed to get these answers. This paper, by leaders of modern neuroscience, describes the novel, unique methods required to unearth brain physiology and their promise to revolutionize personal mental health. Applications include discovery of physical markers for nebulous psychiatric disorders like Major Depressive Disorder and learning disability as well as specific mechanisms (dysfunctional brain circuits, brain structure abnormalities) that can be used to develop treatments.
The discussion will cover what makes brain data so complex, demystify key methods scientists use to get answers from 'big' datasets, computational psychiatry, and controversial insights in to how mental traits can be predicted and actively modified.

Field: Neuroscience, psychiatry, personalized medicine, big data analytics, computational psychiatry

Look forward to seeing you at V16!
Kate Wendelsdorf
Board President, AWIS San Francisco,president@sfawis.com

For additional information about AWIS-SF, please visit www.sfawis.org. If you are not an AWIS-SF member, we encourage you to join AWIS today.

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