SBIR Non-Dilutive Funding-2018-02-14

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SBIR Non-Dilutive Funding
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02/14/2018 - 1:00pm
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Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley
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UC Berkeley: Four sessions, on Wednesdays
Dates: Starts Feb. 14, ends Mar. 14
Location: Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley

For entrepreneurs looking for non-dilutive federal funding to get life science startups off the ground. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from US federal agencies can provide up to $225k (Phase I) or $1.5M (Phase II) for startup R&D. But applying can be a complex, frustrating affair if you are not ready for it. We get you ready. Our instructors walk you through your NSF or NIH SBIR grant application to ensure you complete everything properly and submit by the April NIH or June NSF deadlines.

Did you know that entrepreneurs applying through the QB3 workshop are 3x more likely than the nationwide average to get funded?

Location is 177 Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley. All classes are on Wednesdays. Class dates: Feb. 14, Feb. 21, Mar. 7, Mar. 14
The chances of your SBIR getting funded are vastly improved if your proposal is well written and packaged. In fact, many great ideas fail to get funded simply because of poor “grantsmanship.” In addition, first-time applicants are often daunted by the intricacies of the grant submission and review process, and unsure about how to interact with funding agency staff.
This workshop will help you develop a compelling, well-organized research plan, and to explain your ideas in clear, engaging writing that will win over your reviewers. We will focus on the Research Plan sections of NIH and NSF SBIR proposals, and one full session will be devoted to helping you craft your Specific Aims (the most important section of your application). We will also provide guidance on filling out your budget, Biosketch and other forms, and tips on how to most effectively navigate the NIH and NSF application and review processes.
The workshop will consist of four 2.5 to 3 hour sessions. Specific topics to be covered will include:
• Introduction to the NIH and NSF SBIR funding processes
• Identifying funding opportunities
• Developing a logical, compelling Research Plan
• Facing and conquering the blank page
• Writing for your reviewers
• Instructor and peer feedback on your Specific Aims
• Making the most of graphics
• Electronic registration and submission
• Communicating with NIH and NSF staff
This class is designed for applicants planning to submit for the April 5, 2018 NIH and/or the June 2018 NSF deadline. The science writing skills taught in this class will serve you well in writing not only grant applications, but also manuscripts and public relations materials.

Fee Structure
General Admission: $750
Startup in a Box members: $150

Note: Startup in a Box fee for UC founder: $250, non-UC founder: $350. More information on the program is available here.
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Email Ioana Aanei with any questions.
About the Instructor
Gabrielle G. Leblanc, Ph.D. is a grant consultant and science writer with over 15 years of previous experience as both an NIH grant program director and an NIH- and NSF-funded PI. She has worked with numerous grant applicants in both academia and biotech, and as a science writer for NIH institutes, non-profit foundations, and the popular press. She has a B.A. in Biology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University.