Discussion of "Hot Life Science Topics"-Harry Wachob, PhD-06/28/2011 - 8:30am

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Discussion of "Hot Life Science Topics"
Event Date: 
06/28/2011 - 8:30am
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Sunnyvale City Council Chambers, 456 West Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA
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Harry Wachob, PhD
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Since we were unable to schedule a speaker for this week's meeting, we decided to have an open discussion and networking meeting. We encourage you to bring your "Hot Topics" and opinions that impact our life science industries, and join in a lively discussion. These could range from job transition questions that impact you, to whether or not the recent barrage of negative sentiment about the FDA is justified or just spin from the company/VC community, or whether stenting has been over done. We'll have at least as many ideas and opinions as there are attendees, so come prepared to listen and discuss.

Recent articles that address some of these topics are: the impact of being in job transition (http://goo.gl/RNKou or http://goo.gl/im0Vd ), or is a U.S. Biomedical‘Value-Driven Engineering’ Device Innovation Strategy necessary (http://goo.gl/im0Vd ), or What Silicon Valley Doesn’t Understand About Medicine (http://goo.gl/6xJjf ) or Studies of FDA criticized as med-tech industry spin (http://goo.gl/R5TvO ) or are Patients and taxpayers bearing the cost of stent wars (http://goo.gl/GHzep ) or finally some other topic you would like to discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you during this interactive hour.