Brand Defense and Lifecycle Management of Mature Drugs-Robert P. Cook-02/10/2009 - 6:00pm

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Brand Defense and Lifecycle Management of Mature Drugs
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02/10/2009 - 6:00pm
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Palo Alto
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Robert P. Cook
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Managing Partner
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Cook & Company
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Robert P. Cook is an executive with extensive international experience in functions ranging from pharmaceutical sales, product management, marketing management, project management, business development, and business management within the brand, generic, over-the-counter and active pharmaceutical ingredient segments of the pharmaceutical industry. He currently serves on the Advisory Boards of several startup pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Bob is a cofounder of ScinoPharm International Ltd.; Partner, Cook & Company; President-CEO and cofounder OraViron Pharmaceuticals and served on the Board of Directors of Copley Pharmaceuticals; Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association; ScinoPharm BVI; and ScinoPharm Chemicals, LLC. Prior to the closing of Syntex Corporation’s independent U.S. sales and marketing company resulting from the buyout by Roche, Bob was employed as a senior marketing executive with Syntex Laboratories.

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This presentation will revisit the past to plan for the future. It will assist in developing a multi-tiered patent expiration strategy.

In 2006, Tufts University updated its ongoing study of the average R&D cost of developing and bringing a new drug to market at $802 million. Why jeopardize expenditures of this magnitude by not planning a multi-tiered patent expiration strategy? We take you back to the 80's and 90's to revisit strategies that were initiated but only partially consummated. Today, according to R&D Directions magazine, Brand Companies are once again seeking ways to protect their product positions and sales upon patent expiration. It's time to take another look at opportunities to preserve these assets. Several Brand companies followed through on these strategies and are pleased with the results. Specifically, these strategies can be implemented by companies with new products to protect and maximize long term product sales and market share. Successful firms have employed strategy and tactics to assure product longevity such as:
. Proactivity in planning product lifecycles.
. Are not afraid of the "G" word.
. Are not willing to throw dollars into the wind when they could be retained.
. Doing what is necessary to support their loyal shareholder and financial analyst communities.