Analyzing Opportunities & Challenges presented by Globalization & Emerging Markets -Ravi Kiron-02/15/2011 - 8:30am

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Analyzing Opportunities & Challenges presented by Globalization & Emerging Markets
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02/15/2011 - 8:30am
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Sunnyvale City Council Chambers, 456 West Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA
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Ravi Kiron
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Dr. Ravi Kiron has 24 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and is well versed in all aspects of drug discovery and delivery; pre-clinical and early clinical drug development; bioinformatics and database management; M&A, investment due-diligence, and alliance management. In a consulting practice for the last few years, he has provided business development and strategic advisory, regarding pipeline challenges and asset sales of discovery and development programs, IP and manufacturing plants, to clients in the pharma and biotech space, and Private Equity and Hedge Fund firms in the US/EU and Asia.

Prior to Adjuvant, Dr. Kiron was the COO at LifeTech Innovations (LTI), a Business Development and Strategic Advisory consulting firm. Dr. Kiron is also a cofounder of C2N Diagnostics, LLC that is in the CNS diagnostics arena. Before LTI, he was at Johnson & Johnson/ALZA Corporation. Prior to that at Pfizer, he was a primary architect of many US/non-US based partnerships, an acquisition/integration team member. Dr. Kiron obtained experience in exploratory drug development as the project champion at Pfizer that led to the IND filing of Tarceva®, now used for treatment of multiple malignancies. Prior to Pfizer, Dr. Kiron was a biochemistry and medicine faculty member at Cornell University Medical Center in New York.

He holds a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Microbiology through colleges in Goa from Bombay University, India. He also earned a PhD in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India and an MBA from Rensselaer in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Globalization and the internet have shrunk our world. Individuals and companies are now connected in real time with others all over the globe … the World is truly FLAT! Leveraging this inter-connectivity is the opportunity for cross border partnership models to be an innovative paradigm to overcome the economic turbulence that we have all faced and are still facing. By blurring boundaries literally and figuratively, we can now identify and access new markets, novel skills, technologies, and products to help defray fixed costs and resources. This talk will outline the Emerging Market landscape, analyze the opportunities and challenges to be successful in this environment and provide some insights to the future.